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    A holistic approach to deal with not only children's physical wellbeing but their emotional and mental wellbeing aswell.

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Dear families,

I was born in Baltimore, MD, grew up partly in Texas and mostly in Louisville, KY. I graduated from the University of Louisville School of Medicine in 2002 and went on to the “Big Apple” to complete my pediatrics residency at the Infant and Children’s Hospital at Maimonides Medical Center (affiliated with Mount Sinai), in Brooklyn, NY.

I have been practicing general pediatrics for the past ten years, nine of which have been in the Atlanta area. During those years, I served a very diverse and multicultural patient population that has given me unique insights into problems facing children. I have a sincere interest in helping children with developmental and mental health needs and I love to focus on preventative care. For the past two years I have had the privilege of working with socioeconomically disadvantaged children and children in the DFACS foster care system who have behavioral health needs. I am astonished at the resilience and strength of a child’s spirit as I learn their stories. I am convinced, more than ever before, that a holistic approach to deal with not only children’s physical wellbeing but their emotional and mental wellbeing as well is critical. My vision has been to create a true medical home for my children and their families. In our new practice, I and my staff will wholeheartedly embrace this philosophy to childcare. I am not afraid to get down on my hands and knees and play while I examine and talk with a child. After all, a child’s occupation is PLAY as they discover and understand their world. I enjoy working with adolescents for they are not afraid to speak the truth and remind me of how strength grows through our vulnerability as human beings.

If asked what my secret to the practice of pediatrics is, I would say: a compassionate heart, an open mind, flexible joints, strong feet and a friendly animal or two in my pocket.

-Dr. Madhuri

In-house Patient-Centered Medical Home Services

At Dare2Care pediatrics we strongly believe in a holistic approach to deal with not only children's physical wellbeing but their emotional and mental wellbeing aswell.

Services We Provide

Same day walk-ins

When it comes to kids we understand, you are more than welcome to walk-in to the clinic during business hours if your kid needs help.

Preventative health and screening

Preventative health visits from birth to 21 years, Hearing and vision testing, Anemia lead screeing, Newborn metabolic screening

Academic and school related health

Academic screening, sports physicals, IEP and 504 plan coordination.

Adolescent Care

STD screening and prevention, Contraception for adolescents, Treatment of anxiety disorders,

Nutritional and life style counseling

obesity health checks and preventative visits, Nutrition counseling

Behavioral health services

Occupational therapy evaluations, Music therapy services, speech therapy evaluations, Psychological testing and counseling, ADHD treatment and care.

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World is just a word without the letter L (for love) in it. Love is what makes Dr. Madhuri stand out as a very special pediatrician for my kids. Apart from being a great medical professional, she is a very good person at heart and always goes beyond her call of duty to make the patient feel special. My kids are blessed to have her as their doctor. hey can trust and share their feelings or talk about any health concerns they might have. Last but not least, comfort, attention to detail and genuine care are the qualities that make Dr. Madhuri very special for our family.

Rasika Joshi

Mom of 2 kids

There are no words to describe the immense gratitude my family and I have towards Dr. Madhuri. Care, compassion, and respect are among the strongest qualities Dr. Madhuri has to offer her patients. She goes above and beyond her call of duty to ensure that her patients get the best quality of care. From my newborn’s constant colic to the asthma treatment regimen of my older son, she has been there every step of the way, always demonstrating her true and sincere interest in my children’s health. The concept of individualized patient care has true meaning the moment she walks into the exam room. She has been and will continue to be my children’s pediatrician.

Perdomo Family

Dr. Madhuri is an exceptional pediatrician. She is trustworthy and kindhearted. Every child that she meets enters a special place in her heart. She has a holistic approach; this distinguishes her from other providers. She incorporates family traditions, values, and opinions to optimize her patients’ outcome. She provides patients and their family emotional, psychological, and spiritual support. The patient is the center of every decision she makes.

Dr. Madhuri es una excelente doctora. Su esfuerzo y empeño con cada un de sus pacientes hace un gran diferencia. Ella es un gran ejemplo en la comunidad. Ella es un gran ser humano y defensor de los niños. Su profession es su vocación. La Doctora sobrepasa a otros en su profession con su experiencia y calidad de servicio.

Ibet Barrera, CMA

Former colleague

"After working collaboratively with Dr. Madhuri Viswanadham over the past two years, I have come to appreciate her as a consummate professional.” “Her expertise in Pediatric care is phenomenal and second to none! Dr. Madhuri has a superb clinical acumen and a loving, caring heart that exudes throughout her interactions with all her patients.” As a professional colleague of Dr. Madhuri over the past two years in the field of Behavioral Medicine, I’ve observed her work tirelessly with her patients ensuring that they receive the excellent quality of care that they deserve, while ensuring that she is accessible to their needs in urgent or emergent situations."

Robert L. Clemons II, LPC

Chief Executive Officer
Robert-Behavioral Medicine Clinic, LPC (Jonesboro, GA)

Dr. Madhuri is a kind, thoughtful and compassionate pediatrician who really takes the time to provide exceptional care of her patients. Based on the care that Dr. Madhuri provided to my children over the past 5 years, they have been able to receive the proper medical treatment for their individual needs. Due to Dr. Madhuri's expertise, she diagnosed my daughter's heart murmur at 2 days old which revealed four congenital heart defects, and resulted in her having open heart surgery to correct her heart defects. Dr. Madhuri is an amazing pediatrician with a sincere and caring heart. Thank you Dr. Madhuri for your wonderful gift and talent.

Christy C.

Fayetteville, GA