Dare2Care Pediatrics

Our Values


Needs of the whole child (developmental, mental, educational, social, physical): we care for every need of every child, including their nutritional, developmental, emotional, social, and life skills health needs.
Access to care for all: we provide care to all children with varied socioeconomic, emotional health, developmental health, or chronic health struggles and offer same-day acute care and weekend and after-hour care options. 
Voice of authenticity: we encourage every child to find their own authentic voice and every parent to find their own guiding voice. 
Integrity: we practice integrity in our communication, service, treatment approaches, and interactions.
Guidelines (Evidence-based- AAP): we adhere to evidence based pediatric guidelines from the AAP and CDC/WHO to deliver quality medical care. 
Advocate for education, development, discovery and empowerment: we advocate for each child as they grow and develop, learn and discover and become resilient individuals.

Tools- resources, therapies, coping strategies: we utilize evidence based tools, encourage evidence based treatment approaches and provide the resources and tools for children to become leaders in their own health.

Educate – teach, learn, child, parent, nurse, doctor, lifelong education: we continually educate ourselves in the field of pediatrics, educate out parents and our children in all aspects of their health and well-being. 

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